Minutes of the 33rd Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Printing 2018  (Asia Pacific Branch)

Held at 11.30am on Saturday, 28 April 2018


The Happy Joy Restaurant, 6 Newton Road, #02-01 Hotel Royal, Singapore 307964.

1. RP informed members present at 11.30am that there was no quorum at the time of the scheduled AGM with only 5 paid member present from a membership of 30.

2. Under the Constitution, Meeting was adjourned for half an hour, after which AGM will officially commences with the number of members present as if a quorum have been reached.

3. At noon, 12 paid members were present to form the quorum to proceed with the AGM.

4. RP apologies to Jonathan and Boon Wah for misspelling their names under Point 8 of the 31st AGM Meeting Minutes.

5. The President (AF) in his address said that orders for traditional printing continues to be on the decline.
i. It is also facing stiff competition from the cheap and fast evolving technologies in Digital and 3-D.
ii. Local printers have been affected by the rising cost, especially in rental and labor.
iii. They are either downsizing, diversifying to other business avenues or just acting as middlemen to farm acquired jobs to more competitive countries to print.

6. Many others members, including ASB, JH, JL, AT and LCK also shared the same sentiments and their experiences faced as printers, as suppliers, and as an industry.

7. RP informed the Meeting that in the year under review, IOP organized a talk on 3-Technology by Rajesh Babu which was fairly well attended.
i. A plan tour in October 2016 to the Brewery was cancelled due to poor response.
ii. It was later substituted by an informal gathering at Tocha Bistro at Jalan Sultan.
iii. Members present felt that there should be interest among members and their friends to consider re-visiting this idea of the Brewery tour.
iv. They hope that another effort be made to arrange for one in the coming months.
v. RP agreed to look into this and will keep members posted.

8. The Minutes of 31st AGM was adopted and approved without amendments by ASB and seconded by AF.

9. RP informed the Meeting that Richard Tham officially wrote in on 15 February 2017 to resign as Hon. Treasurer with effect on 14 February 2017.
i. Despite the request by the President and Hon. Secretary for him to continue until the end of the current term in 2018, he have declined.
ii. Nevertheless, he have officially signed for the Statement of Accounts under his tenure as the Hon. Treasurer for the year ending 2016 for submission to IRAS.

10. RP said that in view of Richard’s resignation, he have approached LCK to take up the Hon. Treasurer position until the end of the existing term in 2018.
i. LCK has graciously agreed to take on the position.
ii. RP seek the approval of the Members present to proceed with the appointment.
iii. A unanimous consensus was given and members thanks him for taking over the position in the interim.
iv. The post of Asst. Hon. Treasurer will be left vacant until the next election.

11. RP presented the Statement of Accounts for the year ending 2016.
i. The balance as at 31 December 2016 was $12,570.54 with no outstanding liabilities or accrued payment.
ii. Accounts was accepted and approved without amendments by JH and seconded by ASB.

12. AT briefed the Meeting on the ongoing training plans Viscom have with Kaplan in collaboration with IOP and PMAS.
i. Prospective trainers have been audited and certified by Kaplan and approved by the relevant Government Bodies.
ii. He presented the marketing brochures and folders which he and Simon Tan have done up to market the intended courses.
iii. The Committee puts on record the good work done by both Andy and Simon, but have asked them to be careful that their hard work is not make used by others in the same industry and training centers to market similar courses.

13. Members present have also asked to put on record the good work done by Rajesh in the last one year in periodically monitoring and updating the IOP website.

14. RP said that in line the Institute’s Constitution, election is not required at this AGM and that elected members will serve out the term that will ends with the 33rd AGM in 2018.
i. He urged existing younger members to come forward to serve and also to rope in more young blood to serve in the new Committee next year as many of the existing old guards have voiced their desire to step down.

15. There being no other business, the AGM was declared closed at 12.30pm with a thanks to the Chair and followed by lunch.

Soh Khee Loon (SKL)
Ng Soo Siah (NSS)
Jimmy Ho (JH)
Alvin Fong (AF)
Lai Choon Keng (LCK)
Ang Soo Buay (ASB)
Tan Boon Wah (TBW)
Jonathan Lim (JL)
Andy Tan (AT)
Roger Yeo (RY)
Heung Yam Yuen (HYY)
Ronnie Poon (RP)

Recorded by: Ronnie Poon
Vetted by: Alvin Fong
Dated: 30 May 2017